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I like people who walk cats on leashes.

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@jkphl For what it's worth, I agree, and I hope you don't stop pursuing your own #indieweb projects.

Checked into RockIT CoLabs

In the belly of the good ship RockIT

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Red pagoda in the Japanese Tea Garden

Moment of tranquility in Golden Gate Park

There wasn't anything going on in Golden Gate Park today.

Not your traditional Easter picnic.

Hippie Hill, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Checked into Japanese Tea Garden

Post. Walk in the garden

Catbot is convinced that biodegradable packing peanuts should be the tastiest pet food ever and was very sad when I took them away.

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*Ping* Hello back at you. :-)

Bacon Bacon is reopening this weekend. Now with seats and non-bacon yogurt. http://erinjo.me/1irwZqN

I love the thoughtful posts from the @thinkup blog, like this on cutting stuff http://erinjo.me/1irspJc and this update http://erinjo.me/1mfmFCM

Some new UX books to dive into. Thanks Dad!

Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design

Experience Design: A Framework for Integrating Brand, Experience, and Value

End of the day ~ Seal Rocks

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

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